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Hi Folks,

January is a month of intensity and hard work, due to the sun moving through Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn is all about discipline, structure, responsibility, maturity, and focus. Here are a few weekly digs to keep you crushing the start of 2019.

"Expect Miracles.
Wait without anxiety.
Know that the Universe has your back!"
-Sinta Soekadarova

Instagram Must Follow: @primalhacker

Thaddeus at PrimalHacker is absolutely crushing it! He covers everything from reducing EMF exposure, blue light blocking, breath work, cold exposure and much more. Follow him  to learn new biohacks and get other helpful tips.

We love these headphones from Primal Hacker to protect the brain 🧠

Are Your Feet Stuck in Foot Coffins All Day?

A healthy body starts with healthy feet. Your feet are so important because they  impact every joint in your body, yet they are stuck in shoes all day. To keep your feet healthy, walk barefoot often and spread your toes wide. We like to throw on yoga toes for one hour every evening to open up and strengthen our feet.

Aside for the health benefits yoga toes are super stylish and make you look 10x cooler ;) But in all honesty, they are very effective - even my wife got on it!

Kwik Brain Podcast: Read 1 Book A Week (52 Books A Year) #4

Jim Kwik is an expert on memory and learning and is known to say: "leaders are readers". In this 10-minute show, Jim gives tips on how to read more and get more out of your reading. We are now inspired to read one book a week in 2019. How many books are you reading this year? Do you any recommendations for us? We'd love to get 'em on our list!

We love hearing and connecting with you! Please shoot us a DM on Instagram (@primalgoodscompany) or reply to this email with ideas, questions and suggestions.

Hope you're enjoying 2019 so far!

Much love,
Matt and Yoni

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