Thursday Digs ⛰ 02.14.19

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Happy Thursday Fam!

We're excited to share a couple big announcements before we dive into this week's Thursday Digs:

1) We just launched a new Primal Pack with Dr. Jen Esquer, a.k.a. Doc Jen Fit. We are STOKED about this partnership and Jen's new Pack! Do yourself a favor and go check out Jen’s mobility work @docjenfit and @mobilitymethod. Pre-orders for the Doc Jen Fit Primal Pack come with a free set of Yoga Tune Up balls, so snag one ASAP. 

2) Our fresh new website launched this week, so hop on over and take a look! We've also updated several Primal Packs with new products to keep you folks fueled to reach your peak. We recommend checking out the Cold and Flu Primal Pack during these chilly months.

Thanks again for all your love and support!

And now, without further ado: the digs of the week 👇

Get Schooled: 🍄 The FREE Four Sigmatic Mushroom Academy

Medicinal mushrooms (not magic mushrooms 😉 ) are all the buzz lately and for a good reason. Tero, a mushroom expert and founder of Four Sigmatic, created a free course to school you on the most powerful mushrooms and how they can be used to maximize health. We took the course over a few hours on a rainy California weekend and are STOKED to have this knowledge in the quiver!

Instagram: Cold Exposure with @docjenfit

Dr. Jen Esquer is an absolute savage inside and out. Watch her power through some cold exposure work with @1scottmcgee. Make sure to scroll down in the post to read about the health benefits of cold exposure.

Also, make sure to check out the new Doc Jen Fit Primal Pack, which includes all of Jen’s favorite products!

Must Listen Podcast: Ben Greenfield on The Joe Rogan Experience

Ben Greenfield is is a coach, author, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman Triathlete. He is also super knowledgeable when it comes to biohacking, longevity, and physical performance. In this episode, Ben focuses on the intersection of performance and longevity and drops tons of gems on practices to keep us “kicking ass,” as Ben likes to say. Make sure to get this salt, which Ben recommends as the most nutritious, and check out Kitchari, the Ayurvedic stew ben eats while on the FMD.

We love hearing and connecting with you! Please shoot us a DM on Instagram (@primalgoodscompany) or reply to this email with ideas, questions and suggestions.

Much love,
Matt and Yoni

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