Thursday Digs ⛰ 03.07.19

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Happy Thursday, Fam!

It's already March and spring is almost here. Now is a great time to open your notes or journal and review the intentions you set for the year. Have you been acting on 'em? What still needs more attention?

This is a good exercise to revisit what you set out to do this year and make the necessary adjustments. Keep your intentions fluid, letting them evolve as you go.

Keep crushing it and enjoy this week’s Digs.

Get after it peeps!

P.S. Since you've asked for it, we now have an archive of all Thursday Digs on our website 😃

Super legit water filter: Greenfield Naturals Water Filter

Since we are primarily made of water (~50-60% of our body composition), it should be top priorities to drink the highest quality of water available to us. Lately, our team has been geeking out on the cleanliness of our water. In cities, water is filled with chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals that you do NOT want inside your body. After some experimentation and advice from @bengreenfieldfitness, we found Greenfield Naturals. We now use their undersink filter to clean our kitchen sink water, and we highly recommend you do the same. Use the code PRIMALGOODSCO to get 15% OFF your own top-notch water filter.

Awesome, Short TED Talk on Boosting Creativity: Go for a Walk

Marily Oppezzo drops some knowledge in this short TEDx Talk at Stanford. Whether you are brainstorming names for your new podcast or thinking of ways to rearrange your office, according to Marily, you'll do your best work on a walk. Give this short video a watch to check out her 5 tips for making the most of your creative walks.

A Tool we Enjoy: Acupressure Mat

This “bed of nails” is a tool we like to lay on an hour or so before bed. It promotes restful, rejuvenating sleep while helping improve blood and lymph circulation.

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Matt and Yoni

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