Thursday Digs ⛰ 03.14.19

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Happy Thursday, Folks!

Temperatures are rising towards spring, so no more excuses for putting off cold showers! Warm weather also brings more opportunities to get outside, get grounded, get sunlight, and experience earth more clearly.

Check out this week’s Digs!

Much love and appreciation to you all!

P.S. We launched two packs today with two epic individuals @gmfloio and @kettlebellexercises. Check them out!

A Fun Excuse to Play Outside: Slackline

Slacklines are not just for hippies on college campuses 😂. They are an awesome excuse to get outside as well as a great fitness tool. Mastering the slackline will work magic on your balance. Plus, it's an awesome way to kill a sunny afternoon with friends. Get after it!

🚨Awkward Topic Alert 🚨 Poop like a Champion: Squatty Potty

This is an oldie but a goodie. The squatty potty is an absolute necessity for anyone who is treating their toilet like an office chair, pooping like a 21st-century barbarian. It makes pooping more comfortable and effective, since the squat position breaks any “kinks” in the digestive line to keep your exits regular and healthy!


Natural Hygiene: Clean Personal Care by Credo

As you may have heard, there are some SCARY ingredients in the personal care products we use on a daily basis. As Aubrey Marcus says, “If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin.” Folks are often shocked when they find out how substances get absorbed in the body through our highly-permeable skin. Lucky for us, the good people at Credo have a high bar for the quality of ingredients in their cleanliness products, ensuring no toxic materials are sneaking into your body through the skin.

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