Thursday Digs ⛰ 03.21.19

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Happy Thursday!

Here's another week of Digs coming at you!

An Interesting Style of Yoga: Prasara Yoga

This Yoga practice appears to be a mixture of Vinyasa, animal flow, and modern dance. It adds new movement to an otherwise static yoga practice — a cool way to mix things up. We're looking forward to giving it a try!

One of The Most Fascinating Movers Ever: Roye Goldschmidt on Instagram

Roye in one of the most incredible movers on the planet. Check him out to see ways in which you could never imagine a human body can move!

Lifehack: Boost your Brain and Mental Health

Using your non-dominant hand to practice simple activities like texting, writing, opening doors, and brushing your teeth can work wonders on your brain. Commonly referred to as neurotics, this exercise works to keep your mind agile, enhance memory, and help build self-control.

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