Thursday Digs ⛰ 04.11.19

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Happy Thursday Fam!

Another week of awesome Thursday Digs for you here!

This week, we had the opportunity to have a powerful conversation with our friend and founder of Samovar Tea, Jesse Jacobs. One of the biggest takeaways from our conversation was to adopt a daily practice of gratitude. Take the time each morning to acknowledge one of the many gift life has brought to you. A small amount of gratitude goes a long way.

Matt and Yoni

Must See Documentary on Netflix: HEAL

This powerful documentary was recommended to us by a mentor this week. This is guaranteed to shift your perspective on the power of your mind in regards to your health. Give this a watch and share it with your family and friends!


Awesome on Instagram: @aubrymarie

Aubry is an amazing yoga teacher and a positive source of light. Give her a follow to see her amazing movement practice and keep up with her work!

Sattvik Hour: 3-6 am

We were recently introduced to the idea of committing time between 3:00am - 6:00am to develop a quiet, internal practice. Lately, we have been experimenting with rising early to practice meditation and journaling, long before the rest of the world starts buzzing. That means we get in bed around 8pm!

Pro Tip: we love adding some Palo Santo essential oil to get our mind in the right space.

We love hearing and connecting with you! Please shoot us a DM on Instagram (@primalgoodscompany) or reply to this email with ideas, questions and suggestions.

Much love,
Matt and Yoni

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