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Cold & Flu Primal Pack

Cold & Flu Primal Pack

Modeled after Dr. Chris Kresser’s blog post in fighting the cold and flu naturally. All products in this pack are either herbal anti-viral remedies, herbs designed to help strengthen the immune system, or botanicals that help to arm the body against the various viral and bacterial infections that surround us.

What's Included:

Immune Boosting Tea Recipe

To give your immune system a boost, start with a cup of hot water and add:

  • Rishi Turmeric Ginger Tea - 1 Sachet
  • Rhodiola - Up to ¼ tsp equal parts in warm water (water should not be overly hot to ensure the herbs do not cook)
  • Astragalus - 1 part
  • Cordyceps - 1 part

* Note: 1 part = 30 drops

Anti-Viral Tea Recipe

In order to fight a viral infection, start with a cup of hot water and add:

  • Lomatium 2 parts
  • Isatis 1 part
  • Licorice 2 parts

* Note: You should consult with your healthcare provider before consuming any of these products.