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Our Story

Primal Goods Company represents high end, grassroots, specialty supplement companies who cut no corners and spare no expense in developing their products. No gimmicks, no garbage, just real products, from ethical brands who align with our vision. Our goal at Primal Goods Company is to offer  complete nutritional packs for anyone including competitive athletes, professionals, and adventurers to cover nutritional needs beyond food alone. Our lifestyle should be simple: Adopt a clean diet, primarily of meats and vegetables. Move constantly and challenge yourself physically everyday. Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of sleep. Play games and unwind. Surround yourself with a tribe of good, positive people and be loyal to those people. Do what makes you happy. Pursue your passions.

The Primal Goods Company team consults top-tier health professionals in the fields of physical therapy, nutrition, sports performance, to exercise physiology in order to curate and consolidate the highest quality products on the market, from trusted suppliers to help you Reach Your Peak.


Matt Carruesco
Primal Goods Co.