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Primal Goods Company is always looking for creative and driven individuals to join our team. Our tribe is fueled by our passion for wellness and lifestyle optimization. We prioritize a balance between work and life, acknowledging that we do our best work when we are healthy, well-rested, nourished, fulfilled and able to pursue all the things that make us tick. We attract those who don’t have an itch, but a Burn to stand out, work hard, and add value to our community. While growing our team, we borrowed from Cindy Whitehead in defining the six criteria for new team members, those who wake up everyday and make deliberate choices.

Choose to be an owner and be highly motivated by that ownership.

Choose to be BOLD and make decisions differently.

Choose to be quirky and feel permission to be an individual in the environment.

Chose to be learning and develop everyday. Love to read, listen to podcasts, and connect with individuals to help you continue to grow.

Choose to be family and part of a tight knit group.

Choose to be grateful. Marvel at the opportunities available to you and the impact you can have on the world.

Current Opportunities:

Director of Marketing


Did we miss something?

If you feel a magnetism to join our team and add value, toss the resume and shoot us an email about what is on your mind and what you bring to the table. Tell us about your passions and why you stand out.