ORIGINS - A Human Movement Project

ORIGINS is an open source platform that provides movement ideas and strategies to create well-rounded human movers.


ORIGINS is a project dedicated to providing movement education that an individual can easily plug into their existing fitness program. It is meant to help bring movement back to its grassroots and also demystify and expose other movement practices.

The pendulum used in the logo is intended to represent a person' capacity. That capacity can be knowledge, movement library, mobility, motor control, etc. The bigger the body of knowledge (physically, mentally, emotionally) the bigger the swing of the pendulum. The bigger the swing of the pendulum, the more capacity an individual has and the more creative space to explore.

Intro to ORIGINS

ORIGINS - Week 1 - Spinal Waves

Your spine is meant to move like water, not like a cinder block. Experience a simple strategy to improve spinal control in a rhythmical approach.

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